Sunday, December 05, 2004

A new Constant

There are about 4 different formula's to find pi-any way you look at it, pi is accosiated with a circle, no matter what you do. Now, there is another constant that comes from the roundness of the circle.
Although pi may be the most important constant with circles, the one that I speak of, Mi (in honor of pi, but the M comes from my name, Michael, and pernounced "My"). How we derive of this constant is: 1\4C/r, or One fourth Circumfrence over the radius. And, no matter the circumfrence, or the radius, you will always get Mi, 1.57. It's not very exciting. It's not even repeating. But, it's still a constant, and it has uses, sortof.
Speaking of the uses, I need to find some applications. I figure that I can use it for light cones, in some way, but I'm more concerned with it's application with circles. I'm thinking along the lines with the arcs of circles, but if you can find anything, please post it, and maybe I'll give you a prize (jk).

P.S.-The sign of Mi is an upside down pi.

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